Where we meet

In light of the COVID-19 & Coronavirus Pandemic, we are moving in faith and safety in Jesus Name. We will not have our normal fellowship.

Our purpose as a Church of the Living God is to bring people to Jesus by sharing the good news, teaching them to love and live by God’s Holy Word. We accomplish this through regular prayer, praise, study, and immersion into the presence of God. While supporting people with compassion, love and equipping them to touch others with God’s love through service.


First Baptist Church New Hill is 133 years old. The current place of worship is not the original simple wood-framed building built in the 1880s. The sanctuary has had many great Pastors to serve our congregation over many decades. Our present pastor, Reverend Victor Galloway, has been with us since November 2015. He was officially installed on February 6th, 2016.

This sanctuary was built in 1910 and the cornerstone was laid on November 8th of the same year. The annex which includes a kitchen, dining area, and restrooms, was added under the leadership of Reverend George Watson along with the purchase of new pews and pulpit furniture. Over the past decade, many renovations and additions have been added to the church. Service was also extended to serve the congregation every Sunday except the fifth Sunday of a month.

During our years of existence, our Deacons and Deaconesses have played a vital role in our success. Former Deacons included Banks Craven, Stokes Crump, Harrison Clark, Homer Williams, Henry Jones, Frank Thomas, Hazel Lee, Elbert Harris, Fred Lee, Carl Wilson and Glenn Hawkins. Members of our present Deacon Board are Phillip Johnson, Sr., Sammie Garris, Sr., Robert Spence, Sr., Anthony Collins, and Cornell Stokes.

We have an active Christian Education ministry, which includes Sunday School 10am and Bible Study 7pm on Wednesday evenings. We have an active Usher Ministry that includes both adult and youth members. Our Family Ministry includes a Senior Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Couples Ministry.

The music ministry includes our Adult Choir, ministers to us on 1st Sunday, our Mass Choir on 2nd Sunday, our Male Choir on 3rd Sunday and our Youth Choir on 4th Sunday.

Under the vision, guidance of the Pastor and through the commitment of our church ministries, God has blessed us with the ability to continue to maintain and improve the physical structure of our sanctuary, minister to our congregation and reach out to those in need in our community within the surrounding areas.

As long as we stay focused on GOD there is no limit to what He will allow us to do.

“God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other” 1 Peter 4:10

“There are different kinds of service to God….together you form the Body of Christ and each one of you is a necessary part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:5,27


Worship – To love God with all your heart and it should inform, challenge, and encourage the believer.

Ministry – Love your neighbor as yourself. We view each member as a part of a family of faith to be cherished and accepted as a brother or sister in Christ.

Evangelism – We value active participation in sharing the love of God through the word Christ.

Fellowship – Is intentional to produce unity and harmony in the church family.

Discipleship – To teach the word of God by developing a desire for life-long spiritual learning for Christians as we value spiritual growth.