Reflection – A Different Christmas for many filled with “Firsts”

But… this year will be different instead of 4 place settings some of our friends will now have three or maybe even two place settings at their family table. Where there were 4 stockings there will now be three or less hanging over the mantle. Empty seats that were previously filled with a loving mom,Continue reading “Reflection – A Different Christmas for many filled with “Firsts””

This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Life

Life seems to be more precious now than ever. Precious and valuable is every moment that I have the gift of life.  This gift comes from our Father in heaven. Some Thanksgivings are filled with much joy and blessing, some with sorrow and grief. Sometimes they are all mixed together. I’m walking through this ThanksgivingContinue reading “This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Life”


The Adventure Continues… My Pastor introduced the word today in our education department meeting. “Poreuthentes” Poreuthentes is a Greek participle which appears 15 times in the New Testament. In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), it’s typically translated as the command “Go.” I’m no scholar of Greek, but something I’ve learned about this word is that, inContinue reading “POREUTHENTES- AS YOU ARE GOING…”

What should we eat? Part 2

Clean and Unclean Animals: Does God Care What Meats We Eat? Now we have arrived at our present day food choices. Which include many of the choices not given by our covenant God. Who, by the way, only has our best interest at heart. Some cultures in the world have strict religious rules about the preparation,Continue reading “What should we eat? Part 2”