New Year 2021 and Seven Things

A New Year is now well underway, and I find myself wondering, reading and reflecting on the timeless wisdom given us by many Christians from years past. Wisdom from the Apostles and from the men and women who have given us a wealth of guidance, direction, insight, and life examples over the last 2000 years.Continue reading “New Year 2021 and Seven Things”

Learning, Leaning and Living at The Lord’s Table

To my two Firsts; My first born daughter and granddaughter, I say thank you for inviting me to participate with you both on this special step in all our lives. How is it that we can have so much knowledge about how to lose weight, but be bankrupt in applying that knowledge? The Lord’s TableContinue reading “Learning, Leaning and Living at The Lord’s Table”

This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Life

Life seems to be more precious now than ever. Precious and valuable is every moment that I have the gift of life.  This gift comes from our Father in heaven. Some Thanksgivings are filled with much joy and blessing, some with sorrow and grief. Sometimes they are all mixed together. I’m walking through this ThanksgivingContinue reading “This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Life”

Veterans Day – Thinking about and Thankful to God

So family Honey walks in and hands me a notebook and says here are my thoughts for this morning. I said I am glad my girl is a treasure and she is still my girl. (Me happy!!) So here are her thoughts:   Thinking about and Thankful to God For our Veterans and active serviceContinue reading “Veterans Day – Thinking about and Thankful to God”

Facebook or TheBook

What is most important, what has long-lasting, what will be the best choice for me today? Today I considered what I am most devoted too. I asked myself what matters most to me personally, what is my driving force and are my choices today aligned with that goal. I am a Disciple of Jesus byContinue reading “Facebook or TheBook”