Success is not final, Failure is not Fatal

Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  We are 21 days into the “Lord’s Table” and I pray that you are doing your best to work towards success, but if you, like myself, missed some days it’s not too late to start again. TheContinue reading “Success is not final, Failure is not Fatal”

12 Days and the need for renewal and recommitment

The nature of living in a fallen world means that we will frequently be tempted to lead out of pride and fear. Whatever the source of our temptation—personal struggles, challenges involving other people, or changing circumstances and opposition—we always have the choice to once again renew our trust in God and ask Him to transformContinue reading “12 Days and the need for renewal and recommitment”

It’s Been a Week!

  Congratulations, we have completed a week of “Feasting at The Lord’s Table”.  While our book exhorts us that, our goal, is to learn to enjoy Christ more, and form new eating habits that, with God’s help will last a lifetime. Because of our focus on enjoying Christ in this way our weight and foodContinue reading “It’s Been a Week!”

To comfort, medicate, help with pain, boredom or just plain lazy.

Reasons why we overeat. I must admit Ecclesiastes 6:7 “all a man’s labor is for his mouth and yet the appetite is not satisfied:,  hits home. Here’s a classic i’m sitting at the buffet, we most always choose buffet because of variety and return privileges and understand how convicting when I realize that I have aContinue reading “To comfort, medicate, help with pain, boredom or just plain lazy.”

Facebook or TheBook

What is most important, what has long-lasting, what will be the best choice for me today? Today I considered what I am most devoted too. I asked myself what matters most to me personally, what is my driving force and are my choices today aligned with that goal. I am a Disciple of Jesus byContinue reading “Facebook or TheBook”