Veterans Day – Thinking about and Thankful to God

So family Honey walks in and hands me a notebook and says here are my thoughts for this morning. I said I am glad my girl is a treasure and she is still my girl. (Me happy!!) So here are her thoughts:   Thinking about and Thankful to God For our Veterans and active serviceContinue reading “Veterans Day – Thinking about and Thankful to God”

Facebook or TheBook

What is most important, what has long-lasting, what will be the best choice for me today? Today I considered what I am most devoted too. I asked myself what matters most to me personally, what is my driving force and are my choices today aligned with that goal. I am a Disciple of Jesus byContinue reading “Facebook or TheBook”

Meditation in the Morning – Gratitude as a Prayer

“I am grateful to my Creator.” People who have resolved to repeat this for five minutes a day for an entire month have found the tremendously positive impact that this exercise will have on all aspects of their life. This is one of the most important messages you can tell yourself. Living with this gratitudeContinue reading “Meditation in the Morning – Gratitude as a Prayer”


The Adventure Continues… My Pastor introduced the word today in our education department meeting. “Poreuthentes” Poreuthentes is a Greek participle which appears 15 times in the New Testament. In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), it’s typically translated as the command “Go.” I’m no scholar of Greek, but something I’ve learned about this word is that, inContinue reading “POREUTHENTES- AS YOU ARE GOING…”

What should we eat? Part 2

Clean and Unclean Animals: Does God Care What Meats We Eat? Now we have arrived at our present day food choices. Which include many of the choices not given by our covenant God. Who, by the way, only has our best interest at heart. Some cultures in the world have strict religious rules about the preparation,Continue reading “What should we eat? Part 2”