I Deserve Nothing; But I Accept Everything!

Non merito niente, ma accetto tutto'

Encouragement is found in many places. When I realize that because of what God has done for me, I can call Him Father and address Him with confident expectation of receiving even more. While at the same time I in no way merit or deserve such a status. When my email and text messages are flooded with the prayers and thoughts of my welfare from other friends of God it reminds me of the fact that; “I deserve nothing; but I accept everything!

Scripture tells me that God indeed, is good. 1 Chronicles 16:34 and again we know and desire to be like Him as is requested in Psalms 119:68. Throughout Scripture we read of God’s good acts, gifts, works, promises, commands, and even his providence, promising all will work out for the good of those who love him (Genesis 50:20; Romans 8:28).

Seeing so many of you give the Good gift of prayer and concern has been of great encouragement to us. So as in the words above taken from a Dominican Fr. Aquinas. I say to you all: “I Deserve Nothing; But I Accept Everything!”

‘Non merito niente, ma accetto tutto’ [Barron, R. (2010). Foreword. In Praying with Confidence: Aquinas on the Lord’s Prayer (p. x). London; New York: Continuum.]

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Servant of all I meet through the power of Jesus, Husband of one, Sandra, father of three and grateful to express my faith. Because like the apostle Paul I was once one of the worst of sinners, but through grace, mercy and peace from God now I am saved eternally.

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