Learning, Leaning and Living at The Lord’s Table

To my two Firsts; My first born daughter and granddaughter, I say thank you for inviting me to participate with you both on this special step in all our lives.wedding_supper_of_the_lamb

How is it that we can have so much knowledge about how to lose weight, but be bankrupt in applying that knowledge? The Lord’s Table presents the answer to this question as well as the solution to overeating, right from the pages of Scripture. We must believe that since God made us only God can fix us.

Some things I have learned, or at least have noticed are: (1) Our initial instruction about eating from our creator begins in Genesis 1:29 and 2:16-17 (2) When we began to have health problems one of the first questions from the Doctor is, What have you been eating? (3) When, and only, if you make the correct decision, you enter the New Jerusalem you will go back to the original eating plan (Revelation 22:1-2).

There is also some confusion or those who eat meat and those who eat vegetables however the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul settled that discussion in Romans 14:1-3;14 and 20.

Finally, if we allow our bodies to tell us when to eat we will not be guilty of the one sin you cannot hide. Read this article for a thorough explanation.

So, to those who are precious in our God’s eyes and in mine, I say let’s do this and make Jesus “Lord over the fork”.

See you on March 1, 2018

Published by Benjamin

Servant of all I meet through the power of Jesus, Husband of one, Sandra, father of three and grateful to express my faith. Because like the apostle Paul I was once one of the worst of sinners, but through grace, mercy and peace from God now I am saved eternally.

6 thoughts on “Learning, Leaning and Living at The Lord’s Table

  1. For the last few days I have felt a sense of mounting at excitement about how God would manifest Himself to me as we begin our study of The Lord’s Table. Even as I asked Him to help me complete a three day water fast before starting, I worked to put off thoughts of exercise and weight loss. I wanted my sacrifice to be a sweet smelling savor to God. I needed Him to know that I genuinely want to honor Him in every area of my life. I agree that so often we seek God for a multitude of other external and spiritual things, but we hardly give thought to asking our maker how to honor and glorify him with His temple. I truly believe that learning to crucify our flesh in the area of over eating and seek the bread of life rather than the bread from the cupboard is one way we can show God that His plan for us is more important than our personal desires.

    After reading The Lord’s Table study for today, the thing that stood out most to me was found in one word of the scripture passage for today. Psalms 138:8 talks about God perfecting, completing, and accomplishing that which concerneth me. For some reason, the word “concerneth” stuck with me. The Hebrew meaning of the word literally means, “within, behind, in front, beside.” This new understanding was an amazing reminder to me of how AWESOME my God truly is. He is always thinking and accomplishing everything dealing with me from every angle. I was reminded of the scripture that tells us that His ways and His thoughts are not ours, His are so much higher. To me that meant that God’s already got a better plan of success for EVERY area of my life, whether weight loss or spiritual growth today’s lesson reminds me that focusing on glorifying God in all that I do will always give me access to the best plan of success for my life.

    I look forward to this journey with my Dad and Firstborn and seeing not only how it will impact us separately, but also how it will give us a more profound understanding of each other.

    1. I too am filled with excitement about our journey together. I have been allowed to live being overweight for many years. I used to say I was just big bonned or it’s just my metabolism. But in reality it was/is my overeating. So from the Lord’s Table I agree that the proper motivation: The Glory of God can make all the difference. So that it’s not some diet plan or some exercise gym, or my dedication toward walking or running that gets the glory but the very God who has sustained and kept me all these years. Since I want to glorify God and honor Him in all things I say this prayer for us: Dear Lord, right now, I surrender to you my temptation to binge, to rebel, to misuse the food You’ve blessed me with. Fill me/us instead with your Spirit and grace and grant me/us the power and will to stop indulging when I/we are no longer hungry. Thank You that, by Your Spirit, within me/us, I/We have the ability to resist the urge to overeat this day and all the days of our learning to lean on Jesus.

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